Tips – Trying A New Hair Color

New Hair Color!

Trying a new hair color can be exciting, fun or down right scary if something goes wrong.

It is safe to say, that there can be a level of nervousness when trying to decide to change your hair color, in general.


 Useful Tips!

  •   The most useful tip that you can do is to find photographs of different hair color shades that you love.   It is much easier to communicate with photos, then trying to convey what you want with words.   Your idea of warm blonde, and a stylists’ idea of what they may think is warm blonde might differ.


  • Find The Right Hair Salon!      Whether you change is a want or specifically a need……be sure to find the right salon that is the best fit for you!     In the event that you colored your hair at home and now need hair color correction, be sure that they offer consultations.


  • Do Your Homework!!     When you think you want to try out a hair salon that is new to you, be sure to check them out first.   Check out their Instagram, Facebook and their reviews.     Pictures speak 1,000 words of whether it is plausible for you to move forward with calling or contacting them.    When you can see “actual photos of real people” and not stock photography, that can be very helpful.


  • COMMUNICATE!    Years ago, I was once told this, ” A client might not know what they want, but you and ask them what they do not like.”   That was the best advice that I was given when I was a new hairstylist.    So, do not put so much pressure on yourself to be able to go into a salon with what you exactly want because if you hair color consultation is thorough enough, then you can work together with the salon and/ or stylist.


  • Avoid Trying To Find The “Cheapest”   –    It is understandable if you want to save a few dollars, however in the case of seeking out hair salon for creative or corrective hair color you will want to choose experience first.    I have heard scenarios of clients being quoted one price over the phone, and then it being something else when the client’s hair was finished.   If it sounds too cheap, then it might be “too good to be true”.



The saying “You get what you pay for….” can be applied towards too cheap, and winding up with more disappointment.


  • Consultations –   Do you chose to go with a salon that charges for a consultation or a free consultation?   It truly is a personal choice.     Our business offers a very personalized and customized consultation that can take up to 1 hour.   It is necessary, in some instances to do a strand test to evaluate how our hair color products will work.   This helps to determine how long it may take to lighten your hair, etc.




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