To Use Box Hair Color or Not To Box…

Hot topic… Home haircolor versus getting it done in the salon, right?

  Am I biased…yes.  However, coming from an educated viewpoint I can share the “why” it is extremely beneficial to consider leaving the box of haircolor on that shelf.



Chemically speaking, at home box- hair color definitely has its limitations.  The strength of the chemicals are not design the same as for the professional hair colorist.



In the salon, with an experience haircolorist  they are able to enhance, adjust, lighten and manipulate the natural pigment of natural haircolor with much more choices of hair coloring tools.


Best Hair Colorist Western Ma



Some of the components of professional hair color, enable the hair colorist to adjust the developer (peroxide) and or the alkalinity of the hair color formula.



In many cases, it may take more than one shade of hair color to make the perfect shade.  This is an art form based on principles.


The principles include:  Laws of color, the artistic eye of the hair colorist & analyzing the condition (porosity) of the hair.  All of these factors will play a very important role for the hair colorists’ selection of what type of hair color will be used.

corrective hair color western mass






Many times I have been at a store and see a consumer looking at the side of the “box/ at home hair color” with such a puzzled look….


I have been there, personally, and it cost me in the long run.  Understandably, cost can be a factor; however the end cost can be definitely costly if the wrong “box/ at home hair color” is selected.



Switching gears, another option to opting for color can be achieved with Great Lengths Hair Extensions.




 Great Lengths Hair Extensions are not just for adding length, but also for adding hair color.


The  photo below was an extreme makeover that included:


1. Consultation- Very Important and the very first place to start to changing your look!



Professional Haircolor (s) plural.  Her natural hair was colored the day prior to the installation of the hair Extensions.


 Then to be sure that the extensions blended in seemlessly….the hair extensions had to be treated with professional haircolor, too.


The beauty about reconsidering splurging is not just about the haircolor, but the experience of just letting someone take care of everything for you.


Today’s life styles are so rushed and packed with “things to do”.


There truly is nothing better than having someone else shampooing you.


Box or no box?



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