Types Of Hair Extensions

What Type of Extensions Should You Get?

It can be understandably confusing about what type of hair extensions should you get, because with all that you see on social media, and the internet, today.

Did you know that Instagram has only been around since 2010?

That is a fun fact and it also brings me to my point about the fact that I’ve been hair extension certified since 2006

The best type of hair extensions for your hair will be the application that best suits your hair’s texture, density, and most importantly your lifestyle.

Hair Extensions Near Me
Designing hair extensions since 2006

Natural Looking Hair Extensions

The most important thing to consider, besides what type of hair extensions you should get is that they look very natural.

You can get everything you need right here, and by me. (Ann Marie Walts)

Natural-looking hair extensions are just one part of your makeover. You may need to have:

Types of Extensions Offered

  • Keratin Fusion (Strand by Strand) – Great Lengths
  • Tape In Hair Extensions – HairTalk & HotHeads
  • Hand-Tied (However…you will have more options with Tape or Fusion

What and Hear what Jolene has to say!

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