Video “How To” Tips for Hair & Consultations

If you want to change your hair it is best to seek out a hair consultation!

Best Tips – Communication


Whether you need your hair to be healthier, happier or a different hair color; the faster you are understood by a hairstylist the quicker you can get from point A to point B.

Having healthy hair is definitely not out of reach for anyone.   The technology of ingredients that are available to you today, for salon products are simply amazing.

You no longer really have to sacrifice wanting to achieve your “dream hair” if you find a hairstylist that is the “right” fit for you.

After all, it is your hair.   You are the one that has to wear it, and feel good about how you look everyday.

Healthy Hair On Purpose


When you are at drugstore, and have question about an over the counter medicine….who do you go and ask to get an answer?

Most likely the Pharmacist.


Why is that? 

 I bet it is because you want to be sure that you are choosing the correct product, and because medicine is made up of chemicals…you do want to choose wisely.



Your Hair Type = One Size Does Not Fit All!


How many shampoos and conditioners have you tried, in your life time?

Have you made your choices by the pretty little marketing description, that is found on the back of the bottles?     Have you ever experienced being disappointed, and so then you try buy even more shampoo?

Sound familiar?


The Professional Product “Prescription”

Heck….why would anyone spend $20+ on a bottle of shampoo?    Is there really a difference.


Absolutely, and here is why:


Just as a Pharmacist can made recommendations that are based on the chemistry….so can a professional hairstylist.    Hair products are all about chemistry.

It is just not that often that that is really discussed.   It is more important how is works, versus how “pretty” is smells, and when you get both; well that is an absolute bonus!

When you experience an extremely thorough consultation, and work with a professional that is extremely passionate about all aspects about your hair, and ensuring that your hair is the healthiest…….that is the point of difference.

Having a hairstylist educate you on what your hair type actually is, and what are the best nourishing ingredients that your hair lacks… the key reason.

No longer will you have to aimlessly wander down a shampoo aisle, and hope that you find your “dream hair” in a bottle.

For more tips be sure to watch our video.




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