Video Tips- Cutting Curly Hair

Cutting curly hair or finding a stylist who can cut curly hair can sometimes be challenging.   It is my professional experience, that curly hair cannot be cut the same as straight hair.

The two types of hair texture are completely different.

My client Michelle was visiting her family from Idaho, and I had not seen her in almost 3 years.

The “how to” video will show some tips for both stylists and/or a client with curly hair that needs to be sure that who they are seeking out……does know how to cut curly hair.

There are so many techniques, when cutting hair.  My formal training was my education that I received with my time, previously , spent with Redken as an educator.

If you live in my area, I would love to take care of you.   It’s important for you to love your haircut!


Ann Marie Walts

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