What are the best hair extensions?

The Best Hair Extensions

In my experience of providing hair extensions, for the last 16 years, I feel that the best hair extensions will be based on your lifestyle.

This before & after hair extension makeover photograph depicts is a  full set of Great Lengths Hair Extensions. 

Quality of Hair Extensions

Not all hair extension hair is created equal.   I can share with you that I went all the way to Italy, to visit the Great Lengths Factory

Great Lengths extensions may cost you more than other brands and applications, however it is worth it.

Lesser Quality but Not A Choice

There are plenty of hair extension suppliers that have tried to get me to do business with them.    Their “sales pitch” is that they are cheaper than what I have to offer.

Just like anything else, things that are simply cheaper are not always the best option.        Cheaply priced extensions usually come with a poor hair extension application, more times than naught.

Superior Quality

Great Lengths is 100% ethically traceable and sourced.    Their hair extension quality control is absolutely top-notch!

The factory workers hand blend and customize the extensions.   There are so many people that are involved to prepare the hair that you will eventually wear!

Unlimited Options:

Depending on how busy your lifestyle is can help you determine what option may work for you.

In Conclusion:

The best extensions are those that are applied by a professionally certified hair extension specialist.    Extensions are a luxury service, and you will want to go to someone that knows what they are doing.

Also, remember that hair extensions can be worn safely without damage, when you properly care for them with your hair extension aftercare.

Thank you ~ Ann Marie Walts

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