Why box haircolor is “bad” or is’nt it?

There are definitely different opinions on “box” at home haircolor, right?

What causes haircolor mishaps, in general?

In my professional opinion, over the counter haircolor does truly have its limitations.  The only time that I have seen that this option comes out with nice results maybe when the consumer is wearing a short style.

The box color brands do offer different gadgets for highlights and lowlights, however it is when it is time to repeat the process that it can get tricky.

Not all stylists are “haircolorists”, either.

Working with a color, in general, and understanding the “laws of color” are what make working with a color specialist worth it.

The color spectrum is much like the rainbow.  The next time you see a rainbow, take a close look at the variance of color.  Another example of the refraction of light/color is when you can catch light through a diamond or a prism.

Only last week, did we have a client who had been opting for non-professional, “box” color come in for what turned out to be an all day appointment.  So long ago, she had been using a medium brown.  She had been doing so, just to blend in a couple of grey hairs, but only to find that after repeated use…her hair looked black.  She left happy, and said that she would never do her hair herself again…..

The strength of the chemicals in “box haircolor”, are not the same as professional haircolor.   Sometimes, and often it will take custom blended the haircolor to achieve great results.

There are so many factors to take into account when coloring your hair.  What is the percentage of grey hair do you have?  Does your own hair have an extreme amount of warm (brassy) undertones?

Let me share with you that, yes I am a professional, however I previously have used the haircolor found at the grocery stores, and drug stores.

What happened?

It wasn’t pretty when we (my friend) tried to lighten it up, and it turned ORANGE.   I RAN to my hairstylist, and I, too, was there ALL DAY getting it fixed.

It is not so much that the “box- at home haircolor” is bad, as it is really hard to apply evenly, select the right corrective shades and repeat the process the second time.

Best way to find a salon or professional haircolorist is to get a recommendation from someone that has had great results and experience.  Find a haircolorist that is NOT AFRAID of haircolor.  There is a complete difference between coloring hair, and creating haircolor.

What results have you experience with either situation?

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